Over 30 years experiencedin pattern making from drawings , sketches, drapes and open communications with designers or private clients to envision the deisgns and transfer it to patterns. We develope and create patterns for : Pants, Jackets, blazer, coats, dress, blouise, skirts, gown, tank top, bustier, bathing suits, intimate aparels...


Afterall the pattern , prototypes and muslins are approved through our fitting process, we inspect withaccuracy the final sample pattern to make the necessary corrections following all the detailed instructions from our clients. Our expert seamstresses, cutters and hand sewer will assure a beautiful final garment. We work with every type of fabrics such as knits, Silk chiffon, jersey, netting, denim, wool, leather, fur, sequins, lace etc., including delicatefabrics that requires extra care. We can advise on production and construction specifications to meet with costing goals.


We provide the dedicated fittings and issue necessary adjustments or corrections with a professional model in our wide open fitting room. We share advice or input on the right machine techniques and the finishing touches to use and provide the stitch trial to ensure the designer’s vision. The advice suggested by our experienced pattern-makers with the proto leads to save designers’ time and cost to go the next step with perfect fit and confidence. We offer muslin fitting for reviewing your garment at the beginning stage. 


Apparel production is a complex process involving a supply chain which must respond rapidly to the changing needs and tastes of consumers.

We provide the consulting for the important process discussing the technological improvements, which are transforming the speed, flexibility and productivity of the industry.





Free Consulting for Pattern Making and Sample Development is available. Please contact us via email or call to make an appointment

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