Welcome to Zoila's Sample Room where many of your fashion needs can be met.                                                     With 30 years of experience perfect alterations and/or samples are guaranteed.                                                       Zoila has a special talent for making your garment enhance your physique and resolving fitting problems. Let Zoila Sample’s Room tailor your clothing to match your personal style.

                                                      Do you have a favorite piece of clothing? 

Like a skirt that fits you really well. Or a one-of-a-kind blouse. Let Zoila’s Sample Room duplicate your favorite piece of clothing.

                                         Do you have a gown that you’ve only worn once or a few times? 

To get more use from your investment let Zoila’s Sample Room transform your gown into a cocktail dress that can be worn to formal parties, dinner and/or theater events.

                                     Are you a designer that needs your line of clothing manufactured? 

Zoila’s Sample Room can produce your line using expert quality workmanship. We have reasonable prices and can quickly deliver your order. Zoila’s Sample Room offers the following services of patterns, samples and muslins. We are a small manufacturer of women’s clothing including skirts, blouses, tank tops, bustiers, coats, gowns and more.


Zoila’s Sample Room are experts in Women’s Alterations. Zoila’s Sample Room can handle many types of alterations from casual to formal dress hems, side seams, waistbands, zipper repair, pants, hand-sewn hems, jacket lining replacement, buttons, hooks and eye and snaps and more…